Thursday, April 22, 2010

Super Star

Brandon lately has been searching youtube (being supervised by me) for cartoons. He has recently found some that he just loves!! He has been listening to them every day for a week. I think it is call, "they must be giants" or something. They have some nice songs that get stuck in your head easily.

The other day after school he sat down to decompress and grabbed the bike pump. He used it as a microphone and started singing to it. It was so cute! He knew the songs but couldn't actually sing and watch at the same time. It was really cute.


Pat said...

That is so wonderful Crystal. That's how stars are born. You really never know. I can just picture him doing that. Kids have such great imagination. Such inspiration, Crystal. Big hugs to all of the boys, my dear friend. Happy Quilting!

Amy said...

Cuteness! I love the bike pump, totally got a good chuckle out of that.