Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Have you ever pinned a king size quilt? After this morning I can say that I have. I went over to our Church building this moring to pin because I didn't have enough room in my house to lay it out. But I must say I wish I could pin all of my quilts in this wide of space.

(ingore the uneven backing...I got lazy)

Travis was very kind and helped me pin the quilt. Kimball helped too, well was a little of a problem child, but we did call him our little helper.

Now that the quilt is pinned I can work on it next week. My goal is to get it done next week. I have quite a few projects I want/need to finish this week. But I am glad that I got it done this quilt pinned.


Landon and Kayla said...

That is Huge! At first when I read your title I thought it said pine-ing...like you were sad and pine-ing away...Im a spaz!

Monica said...

That's a pretty quilt! What a nice husband to help you pin everything! How long did it take and what type of quilting are you going to do to it?