Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Look what my hubby is going to make me!
He is going to order parts from Build a Quilt Frame. It comes about from me not having an area big enough to pin my quilts! And also he gets tired of me asking for his help to pin quilts. Eventually I will be able to buy a long arm quilting machine and I can use the frame for that too, but for now I will use it to pin all of my quilts. Nice, portable, and easy to use! And I won't kill my back pinning either!

It's starting....

Growing up my twin brother Jeff would tie up my stuffed animals to the backyard fence. He got the urg to build things as well. I think it is a boy thing. So yesturday when Brandon starting digging in a pile extra wood from different projects all I could do is shake my head and just smile at his projects.
Here is his "hot tub slide". I think it is a model or the area at the end is the hot tub. He first tried to get Daddy's tools but I told him no and since he didn't have anything to put them together with his tools wouldn't work. I was then told he needed stuff.
(love our crib in the background?)
Kimball thought it was a nice ramp for his cars
But that was short lived, and he went and started to bury is books and cars
This is him saying "cheese"
Then of course you can't forget Nathan, he had a walkathon at school. He had a fun time!

Back to Brandon, I am going to get him a small pile of nails, and a hammer and let him go to town after school. Maybe I can talk his Daddy into helping him make something, or his Uncle Wayne....


I love giveaways! So I want to share some that are going on and some that I like.

Ryan over at I'm just a guy who quilts is giving away a nice fabric toy. Since I have so many people around me having babies I thought it would be a nice present for them!
Then over at Claire's Chaotic Corner she is giving away a layer cake of Moda fabric...MODA FABRIC! She also reminds me of me and the type of quilting I do so go check her out!
Then over at Sew Girly, she is giving away a fancy flea markety fat quarter. And I wanted to share because I know so many of you like fancy flea market!

Some of you may wonder where I find these, if you go over the Jaybird Quilts she does a big long list of people doing giveaways, so go check it out!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Family History Monday

When you were young, did you have family chores? What were they? Which was your least favorite?

I don't remember specific chores, but we did have to help clean the house. I remember HATING it and well I still hate cleaning to this day. If we wanted something or wanted to go somewhere we needed to clean. I unfortunately have followed in my mother's footsteps. If my boys would like to go somewhere and their toys are all over the place I make them clean before we go. Oh how they hate it!

Sandie's Quilt

This is the quilt that I put together on Friday. It measures about 118x118. I do have to say that this is one quilt that I am NOT looking forward to quilting. But never the less I want to get it into my finished pile. I also have fabric to make some pillow cases and maybe some decorative pillows. I hope you like it Sandie!

Sandie was and will always be dear to me. She took me in during the summers when she lived in Washington. She let me come visit her when she lived in Colorado Springs. Her and Uncle Wayne (her hubby) have always treated with me with love and respect! I do miss being near by them, but I do enjoy being able to see what they are up to on the computer as well as chatting with them.

I was inspired by Oh Franssen! quilt that she made like this too. I just enlarged it.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy Week

You all may have noticed that I haven't been posting much lately, well that was because family was in town. Well they are home now and I can get back into my routine again. My mom came with my little sister and niece. My mom came with quite a few sewing projects for me to help her with. We made a quilt for her friend that just found out she had breast cancer. She had helped color these flower blocks. I cut and sewed the rest of the quilt together for her.

Then my mom had made a baby quilt for my nephew ages ago but has never finished quilting it. She wanted me to stipple it so I did that for her. It is very pretty. Hand applique of everything on it.

I also spent all day Friday piecing together a king size quilt for my Aunt Sandie. It seems that my mom has passed her over when it comes to the quilt making area. So she needed my help to put it together for her. SO does it count if I made it and she bought the material? I'm not sure. But I baste it and quilt it this week, along with some other quilts that I need to get done. So pictures to come. Sorry Sandie! :D But you will love it!

Also more pictures to come of my mothers visit!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What in the world?

Kimball brought me something earlier today and when I saw him I was very confused and wondered, great what did he get into now? I go into the living room to see if there was a marker or whatever could have caused such a messy face....and it was a toy!
Apparently if you put a wooden toy in your mouth that has previously been colored with a marker, it will come off on your face!
A toy that keeps on giving!

Giveaway at Green Fairy Quilts

Oh head on over to Green Fairy Quilts and enter to win a Happy Camper Jelly Roll!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Family History Monday

I forgot to do one last week so I did two again :D

Why did you choose your children's names?

With Brandon, I have no idea where I got it. I just remember walking with Travis when we were engaged and I said that I wanted to name our first son, Brandon Lee. Lee being Travis's middle name as well as my mothers. But he said that sounded like Bruce Lee too much so we switched his middle name to Dale. Dale was Travis's missionary companion in Sacramento. They are still really good friends and Travis wanted Brandon to know what a great man Dale was.

Nathan was going to be named Arland after Travis's grandpa. I liked it, but didn't like it. I was reading Work in the Glory by Gerald Lund at the time and one of the main characters name was Nathan. I really liked and it and decided that it would do. Travis wasn't very happy about it, and so we (I) decided that after he was born we would see if he looked more like an Arland or Nathan...well he came out a Nathan and Arland is his middle name.

By the third baby it was Travis's turn to name the baby. He got full rights and last says. (to make up for the Arland thing) I was at Mcdonalds with the boys when someone was calling their son..Kimball. It was unusual enough and I told it to Trav and he liked it. We named him Kimball Lee. Lee for Travis's middle name, as well as his mom and my mom.

If a girl comes along....it will be a toss up between Hannah Marie or Emma Lynne. I have always liked those names and have had them picked out since before Brandon was born. Marie is a family name on my side and Lynne is a family name on Travis's side.

When you were growing up, did you receive an allowance? How much? Did you save your money or spend it?

I don't think we ever got an allowance. If we wanted something we would need to "earn" it. We would do some chores...cleaning and then we would get what we wanted. Most of the time that is.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa's house

Every once in awhile we head over to Grandma and Grandpa Walkers house for Sunday dinner. This used to be in the past every Sunday but with callings and different church times it has faded out. But a few weeks ago we went over for some dinner. The boys love going over there. They try to play "tricks" on Grandpa and watch Grandma's cartoons and play with her toys and puzzles. I didn't get too many pictures but wanted to share a few.
Nathan started on the puzzle book
Kimball ran around playing here he is looking at Grandma's kitty, Barney...but watch out he bites!
Barney, I love this cat. He has a very interesting personality
And Brandon takes up residence on the chair watching a new episode of Scooby Doo. I love his position (notice the beautiful quilt? I wish I had made it, but I will make one like that for me!)

All of this goes on for the few hours that we are there. While the adults enjoy a nice conversation in the kitchen!

Pink Bee

Well I did it again!!! I joined another quilting bee....but I couldn't help it!! It's a PINK quilting bee!! I am very excited for this!! We also have a male quilter! You don't find a lot of those around! We currently have 9 members so far so we are looking for another 3! So if you want to join head on over to flicker and sign up! Now what block should I use....hmmm


A fellow quilter, Pat had a giveaway a little while ago and I won! But I had just previously won another of her giveaways a few weeks before hand so she picked someone else. No big deal, but she was sweet enough to make me something anyway! So last week I received a beautiful tote bag, fabric and CHOCOLATE for the boys. She was so sweet to think of my boys!!

I use the tote bag for my church bag. I carry so much with me that I feel like I have everything but the kitchen sink! (My scriptures, Study Manuel, Hymn book, crayons, activity books..you get the idea) I have received so many compliments on my bag! I love it!! The best part is that she has a tutorial for it. She also sent a long a few fat quarters of some beautiful batiks! I would have added the chocolate to the picture but my boys ate it too fast! Thanks Pat!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nameless quilt

Here is my nameless quilt. It is for my SIL and BIL Rose and Derek. I have the quilt top done and the back fabric ready, so all I need to do is baste it so I can quilt it now. I think it turned out really well. I used this website to get me started. They call it Strip Twist, but I don't really like that. SO I am going to take a leaf out of my friends book, Rene. She made a quilt and needed help with the name. So lets hear your suggestions!! If I end up picking your name, I will send you a mini quilt of an extra block that I have. So lets here them!! But in the mean time...here are some pretty pictures!  
(I love this picture!! I want to some way make it a background on my blog....oh honey!!)
This was made from I don't know fabric...I found it at....hold your breath....Walmart :D

Friday Night Sew In

I was very excited when Friday came along, I had a nice and easy dinner planned (sloppy joes) and had some new movies for the boys to watch and a nice big project.
Kids are eating and watching their movies (Batman cartoons)
And I am ready to start sewing while watching reruns of Mash.

Half way through the night we find....
Sleeping boys, all but Brandon. He didn't end up going to bed until I did
Sewing the strips of the quilt together by now....

On my second pop....(I was very tired)

And then what do we get?
One beautiful quilt!

Friday, March 19, 2010

More Projects

I have been doing so much sewing, but I feel like nothing is getting done, but I am hoping to finish a quilt top for my SIL tonight and that will make me feel so much better!! But I wanted to show off my Pinwheel Quilt Along squares. I can't wait to do more for them...I LOVE it so far! I am using Moda Honky Dory fabric.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walk Now for Autism

For the past few years my family and I have participated in the Autism Speaks, Walk Now for Autism. It is a great way to help raise funds for research for Autism as well as promote awareness. As most of you know I have two boys with Autism and my husband has Autism. Which means our home is a little more different than some. (See previous posts to see some examples of that!)

Every year we put together a team from the boy's Autism Preschool that they attended. I am still on a board and help with the school. Here is some facts about Autism.

- Autism is the fastest-growing serious developmental disability in the U.S.

- 1 in 150 children are diagnosed with Autism Nation wide

- 67 children are diagnosed per day

- A new case is diagnosed almost every 20 minutes

- More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes & cancer combined

- Autism costs the nation over $90 billion per year, a figure expected to double in the next decade

- There is currently no medical detection or cure for autism

- There are 24,000 new cases diagnosed in the U.S. per year

Isn't that interesting? For that reason if anyone would like to donate to Brandon or Nathan's Walk page please feel free to do so. Our goal each year is to raise $100 so that they both can earn a new shirt. Hopefully one day we can find more information about this disability and have more facilities for those with Autism, so that they can become better imersed into the real world.



I don't know EVERYTHING about autism but I will try to help those that need advice or those that need someone to vent to about their child with autism. So feel free to contact me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Busy Busy....

I have been rather busy lately! I have been working on a lot of different projects lately. It helps me not get as "bored" with one quilt and helps me stay motivated. I just like variety.

I submitted some quilt designs to the Moda Bake Shop and they liked them!! So I have been working on those! So stayed tune for those tutorials.

Then next month I will be starting a quilting class for my church for ladies who want to learn the basics and whatnot. We are going to be making a sampler quilt and so designing the quilt and getting all the information that they will need. I have created a supply list, definition sheet and fabric cutting information sheet. Hopefully this will give enough basics that they know what I am talking about when the class begins! This is completely new to me so I hope I am doing it right. Which brings me to a question for all of my readers. I am planning on making tutorials to print out for the ladies so that they can take it home with them and finish the blocks there if they like. Would you all be interested in me posting them on my blog as well? And you can make it as well?

Besides all of these, I have the pinwheel quilt along I have been doing (got caught up on all the blocks), the Old Red Barn quilt along. I have been making another pin wheel quilt for my SIL April, and then I am working on a quilt for my SIL Rose. I have kinda put the postage stamp quilt on hold for now as well as my string quilt. They will get done sooner or later but just not now.

I wish I had pictures of these for you but my camera is still down at my MIL. I will get it Friday though. So expect a LOT of pictures then :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

Giveaway Winner

Drum roll please?? (Oh wait my kids are off at school...okay I will do it) *Drrrrrrrrr*

And the winner is....

Congradulations to Robin!! I will send you and email so we can get this shipped to you! :D
But since I love everyone soooo much I want to give another one away!! Mostly because a new friend was so sweet to me! So I did a second drawing, and this person will winn a nice surprise from me!! Yup you will get a small prize in the mail...and the winner is....
Sharon! Congradulations! I will send you an email too! :D

I would like to Thank EVERYONE who came by! It made me feel so special!! And actually made my day, so I guess it is worth giving away Moda! :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010


As some of you may know, Brandon my oldest has Aspergers Syndrom.Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder, and people with it show significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests. (I got this on Wikipedia). It's always hard to explain it. But anyway, everyone is different. Every child has little quirks that makes them unique. So anyway on with my story...

Brandon has been struggling with reality. I know that "normal" children have some issues...but this goes to the extreme! Lately Brandon has been watching a Disney show called Phineas and Ferb. He LOVES it! They basically make fun and cool things during the summer. So for awhile now Brandon has been telling us that he is going to build a rollercoster in our backyard on the 3rd day of summer. Not the first or fourth, but the 3rd! This concerns me because if things don't go as "he wants", a big temper tantrum will soon follow with a bad day as a whole. So being a smart and savy mom weary mom, I try to head this off from the start. Here is a little of our conversation:

Brandon: Mom, on the 3rd day of summer I want to build a BIG roller coaster in the backyard like Phinus and Ferb did.

Mom: Brandon honey you know that Phineas and Ferb are not real.

Brandon: Yes MOM I know! People don't have square heads!

Mom: Yes Brandon but what they make are pretend too. You can't make a roller coaster in the backyard.

Brandon: **Silence** (This is what I think he is thinking) "Well sheesh, what they make is really cool and it looks real and sounds real, it must be real and Mom just doesn't want me to do that. Why does she do that all the time? She must not know that I am really smart and that I can build anything)

Mom: (This is where I become very smart) Brandon why don't we make a small roller coaster out of popcicle sticks for your cars! That would be fun.

Brandon: Okay Mom, then we can get a "big making machine" and make it REAL big so we can put real roller coaster cars on it!

Some things are just doomed from the start. But regardless we will still continue to watch Phineas and Ferb while I continue to try to convince Brandon that it's not "real".

***A BIG thank you to April for introducing this to us! I will get you back some way....