Monday, March 22, 2010

Family History Monday

I forgot to do one last week so I did two again :D

Why did you choose your children's names?

With Brandon, I have no idea where I got it. I just remember walking with Travis when we were engaged and I said that I wanted to name our first son, Brandon Lee. Lee being Travis's middle name as well as my mothers. But he said that sounded like Bruce Lee too much so we switched his middle name to Dale. Dale was Travis's missionary companion in Sacramento. They are still really good friends and Travis wanted Brandon to know what a great man Dale was.

Nathan was going to be named Arland after Travis's grandpa. I liked it, but didn't like it. I was reading Work in the Glory by Gerald Lund at the time and one of the main characters name was Nathan. I really liked and it and decided that it would do. Travis wasn't very happy about it, and so we (I) decided that after he was born we would see if he looked more like an Arland or Nathan...well he came out a Nathan and Arland is his middle name.

By the third baby it was Travis's turn to name the baby. He got full rights and last says. (to make up for the Arland thing) I was at Mcdonalds with the boys when someone was calling their son..Kimball. It was unusual enough and I told it to Trav and he liked it. We named him Kimball Lee. Lee for Travis's middle name, as well as his mom and my mom.

If a girl comes will be a toss up between Hannah Marie or Emma Lynne. I have always liked those names and have had them picked out since before Brandon was born. Marie is a family name on my side and Lynne is a family name on Travis's side.

When you were growing up, did you receive an allowance? How much? Did you save your money or spend it?

I don't think we ever got an allowance. If we wanted something we would need to "earn" it. We would do some and then we would get what we wanted. Most of the time that is.


The Picketts said...

That name question is so fun to find out how they each got their names. Does your mom have a reason for naming you Crystal? That would be fun to hear about! Love the girl names! Our little angel in heaven is named Emma Lynn. :o) So I like that one a lot!

Monica said...

Love your questions! How do you come up with them?

Amy and Cody said...

Fun! love the name stories