Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nameless quilt

Here is my nameless quilt. It is for my SIL and BIL Rose and Derek. I have the quilt top done and the back fabric ready, so all I need to do is baste it so I can quilt it now. I think it turned out really well. I used this website to get me started. They call it Strip Twist, but I don't really like that. SO I am going to take a leaf out of my friends book, Rene. She made a quilt and needed help with the name. So lets hear your suggestions!! If I end up picking your name, I will send you a mini quilt of an extra block that I have. So lets here them!! But in the mean are some pretty pictures!  
(I love this picture!! I want to some way make it a background on my blog....oh honey!!)
This was made from I don't know fabric...I found it at....hold your breath....Walmart :D


Dana said...

Beautiful. I love the picture of it on the fence. It looks like a vintage shot that could be taken back in the forties or fifties!

Janet said...

Very pretty. Reminds me of a "rose trellis".

Crafty Maine Mom said...

how about "wandering spring"? I love the spring like colors and the red almost makes a path through the quilt.

Pat said...

Crystal, I don't see anything wrong with Walmart fabric's. I have bought a lot of fabric from Walmart, and still do when I go in there. I think they have a lot of good buys also. Our Walmart stores are phasing out their fabrics little at a time. The store manager told me that they won't be selling it anymore. Don't know if your Walmart will be doing the same being as it is a chain or not. Our Walmart has just a little fabric left on their shelves. I've bought lots and lots of fabric at Walmart. I buy fabric all over. After all, we're quilters and can't get all that we want just at one store, can we, my dear? Love your blog, Crystal. Your quilt is so pretty that you made Crystal. The fabric is beautiful. Happy Quilting!

Luv 2 Kreate said...

WOW Crystal, this quilt is STUNNING. What a wonderful gift. Wish I was good at names, but you know I'm not :)

The only thing that comes to mind is Meandering Roses.