Sunday, March 21, 2010


A fellow quilter, Pat had a giveaway a little while ago and I won! But I had just previously won another of her giveaways a few weeks before hand so she picked someone else. No big deal, but she was sweet enough to make me something anyway! So last week I received a beautiful tote bag, fabric and CHOCOLATE for the boys. She was so sweet to think of my boys!!

I use the tote bag for my church bag. I carry so much with me that I feel like I have everything but the kitchen sink! (My scriptures, Study Manuel, Hymn book, crayons, activity get the idea) I have received so many compliments on my bag! I love it!! The best part is that she has a tutorial for it. She also sent a long a few fat quarters of some beautiful batiks! I would have added the chocolate to the picture but my boys ate it too fast! Thanks Pat!


sharon said...

Wow! That is one gorgeous bag! I like Pat's blog too, she is one special lady. So nice that she made it for you! Sharon

Monica said...

That's beautiful!!

Pat said...
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Pat said...

It was all considered the same giveaway (Valentine's), and only one prize per person. Crystal had already won a prize in that giveaway. The 1st winner didn't claim their prize (tote bag), so I had another drawing about a week later and drew Crystal's name. I announced it on my blog that she won the tote. But, it wasn't fair, because she'd already won in that Valentine's drawing. I therefore, drew another winning name for that tote bag.
I made Crystal a tote bag later because I announced her as a winner,and thought that was no more than right.
Thank you Crystal. I'am so glad you like your new tote bag, and are using it for church.