Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Busy Busy Bee

Oh it feels so good to be sewing again! It makes me so happy!
 First I got myself a new to me little table that my sewing machine will sit on permanently! YEAH!
 I broke in my table working on some more old WIP's. Like my Carl Jr's drink? The power of Diet Coke.
 I just love my trimming piles!
 Than I decided that I needed to make a practice block for a commissioned quilt I am working on. So while I was waiting for the fabric I pulled some fabric from my stash and started working. Isn't it an adorable block?
 Than I got the fabric in and started cutting and making the million half square triangles.

The blocks are now now and the quilt top is actually put together now, just waiting to baste, quilt and do the binding!

Now for the Heart Sew and Swap ...
 I went and got some fabric...so pretty....
 and made this. Sorry the picture is so terrible but I was too excited to post some pictures online than wait till morning for better light.
 Than I had extras so I made my attempt to make some pin cushions.....well the first one is my first attempt and it's way too big. So I made the second one, just right. I think I am going to make the first one into a mini quilt and hang it on my wall...I am have great plans for MANY mini wall quilts for my home.  (Notice the diet coke, peanut M&M's and sudafed? Its what's getting me through these days!)
 Than my partner loves penguins so I made some attempts at some crocheted ones...
 Tried a different color....
 Well she likes the black ones so I made her some!
 Adorable right? But now I have a total of 5 penguins...some practice and than two that will be shipped off...I realized I have a little penguin family!
Than last but not the least... I finally designed a baby quilt for my newest niece! Her Mommy LOVES butterflies and so I decided to make that the theme of this quilt. I am thinking of maybe adding a teal butterfly to the mix, and than of course all the little blocks will be different hues of the the color out of many different fabrics. Make sense? Well as soon as I finish up the 3 to 4 quilts I am currently working on I will start it! But it will be a quick one. I can't wait to make it!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Turning 11 with Aspergers

My little man turned 11 this month! I can't believe how old he is getting! He is improving so much in some areas that it makes me so proud but than in others we are still stuck.

He decided that he wanted to have a Mine Craft party for his birthday and invited 5 boys from school. We had to give out the invites before the Winter Break at school so I was hoping that 2 weeks before the party wasn't too long of a time.

Well 2 boys said "no" right away (breaks my heart) and the other 3 said yes. Well the week of the party we had a little sickness in our house. Lincoln got RSV and we had a trip to the ER. But we decided that we needed to postpone the party until Lincoln was better. Well I had no way of getting a hold of 2 or the 3 boys for the party and since none of the 3 boys RSVPed I was left with only calling the one. I was hoping that they would show up on the party date and that their parents just didn't want to call. No such luck.

Now we haven't set a date for the party but I am not sure we will get one. Maybe we will just do a sleepover in a later month. But it's sad so see my little boy who is finally at the age of 11 wanting to make friends and his attempts have failed. I must try to focus on the positive and think that he is now trying and that soon he will have a friend that will stick by him, even when he can be a bit wild or silly.

So no friend party and having told all extended family to stay home so we wouldn't pass along our sickness we had a little family party. We melted beads into Mine Craft pieces and then we had a movie night with pizza, cake, ice cream and root beer floats! It was a fun!

I wish I could put a rock on my kids' head and make them stay little! But as they keep telling me, "no, Mom"!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Working on WIP

With the beginning of the new year I want to try and get as many of my WIP done as I can. So while I am waiting for fabric to arrive so that I can make a commission quilt, I have been digging into my WIP.

I'm also working in a very confined space right now too. But I will live with it for now. We will hopefully get lucky at a local thrift store to find me a nice working desk or table to use.

This is where I am hoping to put my table or desk. But I will have to find a place for this stuff...oh where oh where should it go!?

But since I have such a small space I am sticking to just piecing, and that is hard enough as it is.

I finished piecing Lincoln's quilt. I started it while I was pregnant, cutting out the triangles, but lets face it, nothing really got done while I was pregnant.

I think it turned out rather well myself. But I will wait to quilt it for now. But I am thinking just lines.

After finishing piecing this one I decided to pull out some blocks that I started I think about 2 1/2 years ago...or maybe it was 3 1/2 years ago. I have no idea. I just know I started them around the time we took a family trip to San Diego. (My memory is fading! AHHH)

I used a Dot to Dot pattern by Jaybird Quilts. But I only had a jelly roll at the time so I cut it into 4.5" pieces and sewed two pieces together and used that as my main block. Than I didn't have a fancy ruler she had so I made one! And cut the circle out of the middle of them all. A lot of work and I can see why I put it off!

Now I have it all pieced together! It is measuring about 80"x 88".

I used the line Bliss by Bonnie and Camille by Moda. I just love this line! I wish I could decorate my whole living room in these colors....

So I have another quilt top done and ready to be quilted. Since this one has frayed ends I am planning on doing straight line quilting on it too...eventually. At least I am making some progress on some WIP.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Heart and Sew

I have decided that I have been anti-social for way too long and that I need to re-enter the world of virtual quilting! So I joined the group Heart and Sew where I will be doing a Valentine Swap!

I am nervous because this means that I have to actually try to finish something ON TIME for someone else with a newborn in the house (never did this before) but it also means I'm guaranteed a Valentine!

I will try to become better and blogging and keeping things up to date! But if you want to follow me via instagram where I post things regularly my username is @nmommy02.

For now...I'm excited to belong to a group again.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Am I Popular?

I have 2 of my quilts make it to the top 100 quilts in 2013 by Fave Quilts! Does this mean I'm popular? The age old question. But how I view the term popular is am I accepted in my field of interest that I love. Is what I design and create accepted in the fast world of quilting? I am hoping the answers are yes!


My hope is that others from the quilting world get amusement and joy out of these quilting designs! I sure love them!