Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Busy Busy Bee

Oh it feels so good to be sewing again! It makes me so happy!
 First I got myself a new to me little table that my sewing machine will sit on permanently! YEAH!
 I broke in my table working on some more old WIP's. Like my Carl Jr's drink? The power of Diet Coke.
 I just love my trimming piles!
 Than I decided that I needed to make a practice block for a commissioned quilt I am working on. So while I was waiting for the fabric I pulled some fabric from my stash and started working. Isn't it an adorable block?
 Than I got the fabric in and started cutting and making the million half square triangles.

The blocks are now now and the quilt top is actually put together now, just waiting to baste, quilt and do the binding!

Now for the Heart Sew and Swap ...
 I went and got some fabric...so pretty....
 and made this. Sorry the picture is so terrible but I was too excited to post some pictures online than wait till morning for better light.
 Than I had extras so I made my attempt to make some pin cushions.....well the first one is my first attempt and it's way too big. So I made the second one, just right. I think I am going to make the first one into a mini quilt and hang it on my wall...I am have great plans for MANY mini wall quilts for my home.  (Notice the diet coke, peanut M&M's and sudafed? Its what's getting me through these days!)
 Than my partner loves penguins so I made some attempts at some crocheted ones...
 Tried a different color....
 Well she likes the black ones so I made her some!
 Adorable right? But now I have a total of 5 penguins...some practice and than two that will be shipped off...I realized I have a little penguin family!
Than last but not the least... I finally designed a baby quilt for my newest niece! Her Mommy LOVES butterflies and so I decided to make that the theme of this quilt. I am thinking of maybe adding a teal butterfly to the mix, and than of course all the little blocks will be different hues of the the color out of many different fabrics. Make sense? Well as soon as I finish up the 3 to 4 quilts I am currently working on I will start it! But it will be a quick one. I can't wait to make it!


Tiffany said...

You have been busy! I LOVE those little penguins. So cute.

xccc said...

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