Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Belated Birthday Party

Well since we had to postpone Brandon's birthday party due to a sick Lincoln, we were able to finally have it at the end of January. We had 5 boys from our local church come! I was so happy! Brandon had a blast and it was nice to see that the boys had a lot of patience with Brandon.
 Here are the treat bags that we made for the boys to take home. We sent out of total of 10 invitations so I made sure we had enough! The boys (my boys) were happy that there was left overs!
 His Creeper Cupcakes/Cakes :D
 Treats to go with our pizza lunch.
 Decorations...we had balloons and streamers everywhere.
 We did melting beads and minecraft heads.
 Here are some of the boys making melted beads.
 Eating cupcakes and ice cream
 I made a little creeper for Brandon and he just loved it!
It now resides in his bedroom along with a ghostly head.

I would say the only bad thing about the party was the fact that seeing boys Brandon's age I saw on a social level where Brandon should be and he was WAY below. But we can only go up from here. I love my Brandon! I'm very grateful that he has a few boys he can call friends and that they can come over whenever he would like. It's nice to see that there are some good kids out there!

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