Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Scriptures

Last year sometime (I can't remember!) Trav decided that we needed to read scriptures every night as a family so we have since than read a verse each. Since Kimball can't read yet (he is getting close) he just repeats after Travis or I. It hasn't been 100% but we have been truckin' along! We are currently in Omni (Book of Mormon) right now! We won't be done for some time but that's okay. We are reading as a family and we can tell a big difference of when we read the scriptures as a family and when we don't. The boys have also become better readers for it as well! I hope we can continue this always!
 The boys are happy that they got a tablet for Christmas because they can be like Mom and Dad and read them electronically.


Tiffany said...

What a great commitment! Love that you are all snuggled under a quilt on the couch :)



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