Wednesday, February 26, 2014

We Love Lincoln

I am not very good at taking pictures and when I do take them I take about 20 of the same pose hoping that at least one is good! But than we add that I use my phone since it has a pretty decent camera on it....and I sometimes do well and other times terribly!

As I was putting them on the computer I realized that I have a lot of pictures of us loving Lincoln. We sure do love our Lincoln and are happy that Heavenly Father sent him to us!

I can't say 100% that Lincoln is our last one but as far as we know he is for now. It's amazing that you can feel complete as a family but than add another child and you than can't imagine life without the newest one! I have felt that way with every boy that we have added to our family. I am so grateful for Lincoln but am also grateful for such a loving family! I love to see the love that our boys show their newest brother every day! We love our Lincoln! 

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