Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have been waiting for over a week for a a special sewing foot for my sewing machine, called a darning foot! Yesturday I finally received my package that I have been looking for since I ordered it on line. But when I opened it, it was some weird flat thing that I have NO IDEA where it would even go! I was so sad! I have about 3 quilts waiting to be quilted, and binded. I was very sad. But yesturday while we were driving to have dinner for a birthday (DEREK....HAPPY BIRTHDAY) I saw a sewing machine place (and vacumes) so today while coming back from some errands, I decided to stop in....THEY HAD MY FOOT!!! I am so excited!!! So hopefully tomorrow I will have a nice pretty quilt to show!

For those who ask why I need this?? I need this foot so that I can do what is called "stippling" on the quilts.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Quilt!

Okay so I was getting a little tired of my wonky quilt, I think it is because I am not 100% thrilled with the material, but I know that the ones I have intent for it will like it, so I went through my other material I got and found some pretty pink material. I found another patterned that I liked, I found it on the Moda Blog. There are awesome tutorials! And within a week I already have the quilt top done! All I need is some batting and then just need to put it all together! I also know what will receive this one!!!
This one was taken without the flash. I am not 100% sure of the measurements but it will fit a queen size bed (I tested it on mine!)

Worldless Wednesday

New Show

One of my most favorite tv reality shows has begun again! The Biggest Loser! I think the reason why I love this show so much is because it motivates me to get moving and going so I can loose some weight too!

Some say that some of the people are just on there to win money and don't "play" right, and I agree, but what I love the most is watching the transformation. Although with Travis watching it with me, the "sob" stories were about to kill us! I feel bad for the people yes, and I want them to be healthy, but sometimes they just do it a bit over the top! But it's okay, I will still watch the show! I was thinking to myself though, I don't think I would want Bob or Julian to be screaming in my face all the time, and the language!! But if I did have the chance to appear on the show (yes I am a big fatty) I would take it.
Anyway for those who have never watch it, WATCH IT! It is a cool show!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A dear family member introduced me to Skip to My Lou and I have been hooked since! Today she added a great giveaway! An ALEX sewing machine for children and an ALEX sewing kit!
Ever since I started quilting the boys just huddle around me to watch me sew! It is really cute, but I find myself telling them "NO" a lot when they start touching the machine, and I have come back to my machine many times to find that it has been unthreaded (NATHAN!) So I think this would be an awesome chance to give them a project to do next to Mommy, and I don't have to risk my machine! So if you are interested as well head on over to Skip to My Lou and leave a comment for a chance to win too!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daddy's Home!

We have owned a scooter for four years now, it is a great way to travel to work and home! So when I hear Travis coming home on the scooter I tell the boys, and what do they do? They run out to Dad and hope to get a ride on the scooter. A fews weeks back he did come home and was stormed by his three boys. They all wanted to ride with Daddy! So being a good Dad that he is, he takes them for a ride around our little culticac. The kids love it!
Poor Kimball the only place for him is to have him stand up, but is too small to see over the top, but he doesn't mind, he loves to be with his Dad and brothers. It makes me grateful for a wonderful husband! We all love him so much that when he comes home we go running outside to greet him!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What I did over Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend I sewed as much as I could between naps! Trav was so kind to let me take some nice naps that helped me get caught up on my sleep. At first I was not very happy at all with these blocks and was very discouraged how much I was cutting off to make it square! And yes it was all suppose to line up but well for some reason I can't do it. But after I put it all together I have really been taken by it. And the best part of all, Nathan LOVES it! Now I wish it was a little bigger, and I thought it would be but since I had to cut down so much, it is smaller, SO I am going to put a little border on it and mix it up a little.

Quilt Along Project

Today I have been working on my quilt along project! I have really liked how things have turned out and the creativity that you can use with it. And the best part of all, if you make a mistake no one will know because you can always say you ment to do it! This is the stack of fabric that I cut today, I want to say at least 10 yards, my poor hands!
This first block is the Wonky Log Cabin Block.....
This second block is the Wonky Quarter Log Cabin Block....I had more problems with this one because I kept getting shy of the 12.5 square!
Can anyone guess who I have in mind for this quilt?

Quilt Along

Okay I really have this bug for quilting! When did that happen? I have to just sew the blocks of Nathan's quilt and the back and then I am done with that and then I can quilt it. Although I need to buy a new darning foot so that I can do that.

Thanks to Cindy I have a large box full of fabric that I can quilt with!! So I have joined this quilt along where I follow the tutorials given. Really fun!! I finally have everything I need so that I can start making these blocks. I already have a person in mind for this quilt! :D What the best part of this one is that it is a "wonky log cabin" so measuring is up in the air and nothing has to be that perfect! Perfect for me!

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Project

IT HAS COME!! I have been waiting all week to get the material for Nathan's quilt. I got it yesturday and started cutting right away! I got everything cut (5 yards of fabric) and then I seperated them into squares that I will sew. Nathan even helped me design the different blocks! He was so proud and was very excited to help. So today I have started to sew them together! Only two blocks so far but I will keep going and soon enough it will be done! I have my own supervisor who make sure that I am working hard on his quilt!
Nathan designed this quilt block, I will then cut it into 4's then sew four different ones together to make a large block again.
This is just the last bit of the material that I had cut up, although the good news is that I have a lot more fabric that I have saved to make a string quilt eventually! 2 down, 24 more to go!
For those that are curious what pattern I am using, it is the same one that I did
for the halloween quilt, which I still need to bind and then quilt the top. But I am waiting to get a new foot to do that. But over at Film in the Fridge has the tutorial for the quilt.

Quilt Show

Here in Springville Utah, there is a museum that displays different Art through out the year, well now is the time for quilts. In the past I have wanted to go, but it wasn't a priority so I never ended up going, but with my new found desire to quilt I really wanted to go. Brandon wanted to come with me, so we met up with my mother in law and sister in law to look at the quilts. There were tons of pretty quilts that were pieced together, appliqued, or a new style of fusion. I found a few that I liked a lot, but found that the appliqued and fusion styles are all the favorite things to do a day while I still like the pieced ones the best.
Brandon really enjoyed himself and had fun coloring his favorite quilts, although that lasted only one, and then he just started to draw anything he wanted, mostly just himself. It was a fun outting for us!

Flash Back Friday and Present

Seven years ago Travis and I celebrated his birthday together for the first time, it was our first time together as a married couple and a couple! I made him a pair of pajamas! He wore them so much that they wore out (I should make him some new ones) and I was so proud of the cake that I made him. Now that it is seven years late, he gets to celebrate his birthday with his boys with cupcakes. I thought that it would be easier to eat cake as cupcakes. Although my creativity has run out for him and I am completley stupped on what to get him for his birthday so he got cash!! LOL Although thinking about it, I think that I could make him a pair of Pajamas and surprise him. Hmmm......this might be fun!! But now instead of turning 26, Travis is now 33. My hubby is getting older while I am too. I am at the age now that he was when we were married. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS! (although he doesn't read the blog, but look at the pictures, Happy Birthday anyway!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009