Friday, September 4, 2009

Flash Back Friday and Present

Seven years ago Travis and I celebrated his birthday together for the first time, it was our first time together as a married couple and a couple! I made him a pair of pajamas! He wore them so much that they wore out (I should make him some new ones) and I was so proud of the cake that I made him. Now that it is seven years late, he gets to celebrate his birthday with his boys with cupcakes. I thought that it would be easier to eat cake as cupcakes. Although my creativity has run out for him and I am completley stupped on what to get him for his birthday so he got cash!! LOL Although thinking about it, I think that I could make him a pair of Pajamas and surprise him. Hmmm......this might be fun!! But now instead of turning 26, Travis is now 33. My hubby is getting older while I am too. I am at the age now that he was when we were married. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS! (although he doesn't read the blog, but look at the pictures, Happy Birthday anyway!)

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