Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Quilt!

Okay so I was getting a little tired of my wonky quilt, I think it is because I am not 100% thrilled with the material, but I know that the ones I have intent for it will like it, so I went through my other material I got and found some pretty pink material. I found another patterned that I liked, I found it on the Moda Blog. There are awesome tutorials! And within a week I already have the quilt top done! All I need is some batting and then just need to put it all together! I also know what will receive this one!!!
This one was taken without the flash. I am not 100% sure of the measurements but it will fit a queen size bed (I tested it on mine!)


The Picketts said...

very nice! :) All these quilts! How fun! Who gets this one?! I'm nosy! I want to see who the lucky person is!
Hey - do you remember that quilt you and I made back when I lived in Greeley? Mostly you made it. I knew what I wanted but had NO CLUE how to do it! ha ha ha - too funny.

Crystal Hendrix said...

Thank you! I am making it for the boy's teacher, she was Brandon's teacher last year and Nathan's this year, plus she does autism consult for Brandon during the week, and will do it again for next year for Nathan, SO I thought since she spends so time with us, I will give it to her.

I do remember that quilt in Greeley! This is my calming therapy!