Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quilt Along Project

Today I have been working on my quilt along project! I have really liked how things have turned out and the creativity that you can use with it. And the best part of all, if you make a mistake no one will know because you can always say you ment to do it! This is the stack of fabric that I cut today, I want to say at least 10 yards, my poor hands!
This first block is the Wonky Log Cabin Block.....
This second block is the Wonky Quarter Log Cabin Block....I had more problems with this one because I kept getting shy of the 12.5 square!
Can anyone guess who I have in mind for this quilt?

1 comment:

Amy and Cody said...

how fun! i for sure want to see the final project. as for my guess.... me? haha, just kidding.