Saturday, September 12, 2009

Daddy's Home!

We have owned a scooter for four years now, it is a great way to travel to work and home! So when I hear Travis coming home on the scooter I tell the boys, and what do they do? They run out to Dad and hope to get a ride on the scooter. A fews weeks back he did come home and was stormed by his three boys. They all wanted to ride with Daddy! So being a good Dad that he is, he takes them for a ride around our little culticac. The kids love it!
Poor Kimball the only place for him is to have him stand up, but is too small to see over the top, but he doesn't mind, he loves to be with his Dad and brothers. It makes me grateful for a wonderful husband! We all love him so much that when he comes home we go running outside to greet him!

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