Friday, September 4, 2009

Quilt Show

Here in Springville Utah, there is a museum that displays different Art through out the year, well now is the time for quilts. In the past I have wanted to go, but it wasn't a priority so I never ended up going, but with my new found desire to quilt I really wanted to go. Brandon wanted to come with me, so we met up with my mother in law and sister in law to look at the quilts. There were tons of pretty quilts that were pieced together, appliqued, or a new style of fusion. I found a few that I liked a lot, but found that the appliqued and fusion styles are all the favorite things to do a day while I still like the pieced ones the best.
Brandon really enjoyed himself and had fun coloring his favorite quilts, although that lasted only one, and then he just started to draw anything he wanted, mostly just himself. It was a fun outting for us!


Alex and Katie said...

you have too been before. My wedding! It was at the Springville museum of art during the quilt show thing.

Crystal Hendrix said...

yes but I went to see you not the quilts, I didn't pay attention to them! Just the woman in white!