Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Show

One of my most favorite tv reality shows has begun again! The Biggest Loser! I think the reason why I love this show so much is because it motivates me to get moving and going so I can loose some weight too!

Some say that some of the people are just on there to win money and don't "play" right, and I agree, but what I love the most is watching the transformation. Although with Travis watching it with me, the "sob" stories were about to kill us! I feel bad for the people yes, and I want them to be healthy, but sometimes they just do it a bit over the top! But it's okay, I will still watch the show! I was thinking to myself though, I don't think I would want Bob or Julian to be screaming in my face all the time, and the language!! But if I did have the chance to appear on the show (yes I am a big fatty) I would take it.
Anyway for those who have never watch it, WATCH IT! It is a cool show!

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