Friday, September 4, 2009

New Project

IT HAS COME!! I have been waiting all week to get the material for Nathan's quilt. I got it yesturday and started cutting right away! I got everything cut (5 yards of fabric) and then I seperated them into squares that I will sew. Nathan even helped me design the different blocks! He was so proud and was very excited to help. So today I have started to sew them together! Only two blocks so far but I will keep going and soon enough it will be done! I have my own supervisor who make sure that I am working hard on his quilt!
Nathan designed this quilt block, I will then cut it into 4's then sew four different ones together to make a large block again.
This is just the last bit of the material that I had cut up, although the good news is that I have a lot more fabric that I have saved to make a string quilt eventually! 2 down, 24 more to go!
For those that are curious what pattern I am using, it is the same one that I did
for the halloween quilt, which I still need to bind and then quilt the top. But I am waiting to get a new foot to do that. But over at Film in the Fridge has the tutorial for the quilt.

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Dana said...

Soooo great! Great fabric. Great colors and great design!