Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have been waiting for over a week for a a special sewing foot for my sewing machine, called a darning foot! Yesturday I finally received my package that I have been looking for since I ordered it on line. But when I opened it, it was some weird flat thing that I have NO IDEA where it would even go! I was so sad! I have about 3 quilts waiting to be quilted, and binded. I was very sad. But yesturday while we were driving to have dinner for a birthday (DEREK....HAPPY BIRTHDAY) I saw a sewing machine place (and vacumes) so today while coming back from some errands, I decided to stop in....THEY HAD MY FOOT!!! I am so excited!!! So hopefully tomorrow I will have a nice pretty quilt to show!

For those who ask why I need this?? I need this foot so that I can do what is called "stippling" on the quilts.


Landon & Kayla said...

Thats too bad they sent you the wrong one! Im excited you found your "foot" and cant wait to see the quilt! :)

Mac said...

You and your crafty-ness.

You should sew us up some matching Twilight PJ's for our New Moon extravaganza! Hee hee!