Monday, January 13, 2014

Turning 11 with Aspergers

My little man turned 11 this month! I can't believe how old he is getting! He is improving so much in some areas that it makes me so proud but than in others we are still stuck.

He decided that he wanted to have a Mine Craft party for his birthday and invited 5 boys from school. We had to give out the invites before the Winter Break at school so I was hoping that 2 weeks before the party wasn't too long of a time.

Well 2 boys said "no" right away (breaks my heart) and the other 3 said yes. Well the week of the party we had a little sickness in our house. Lincoln got RSV and we had a trip to the ER. But we decided that we needed to postpone the party until Lincoln was better. Well I had no way of getting a hold of 2 or the 3 boys for the party and since none of the 3 boys RSVPed I was left with only calling the one. I was hoping that they would show up on the party date and that their parents just didn't want to call. No such luck.

Now we haven't set a date for the party but I am not sure we will get one. Maybe we will just do a sleepover in a later month. But it's sad so see my little boy who is finally at the age of 11 wanting to make friends and his attempts have failed. I must try to focus on the positive and think that he is now trying and that soon he will have a friend that will stick by him, even when he can be a bit wild or silly.

So no friend party and having told all extended family to stay home so we wouldn't pass along our sickness we had a little family party. We melted beads into Mine Craft pieces and then we had a movie night with pizza, cake, ice cream and root beer floats! It was a fun!

I wish I could put a rock on my kids' head and make them stay little! But as they keep telling me, "no, Mom"!

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Jody Edwards said...

My son has the same trouble. He's going to be 12 this year. He's never had a single friend show up to a party, not even from church. It's been disheartening. Aspie boys really struggle with friend making and maintaining. I'm hoping it improves as we go on.