Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I just look at Kimball these days and wonder where my little baby has gone. It seems that his speaking is getting clearer and adding more words every day. I just marvel at him. It just seems like it has been ages since Brandon or Nathan has been this age so everything seems so new!

While we were in Colorado we had the LDS missionaries over to for lunch. Kimball was rather cranky that morning, I mean we both were rather cranky. But the one of the Elder's knew how to turn his frown into a smile. He was playing with his "puppy" and they were playing hide and seek for it.
They were so cute and funny to watch.

Then the other day while I was outside taking pictures of my quilts I got some of Kimball on the trampoline. He loves to jump. He has a happy dance and his happy dance is jumping!
This last picture I got him right before he ran into Travis. That is a new thing of his lately, runs and then bumps into you. Looking at these he needs a hair cut! His hair was so staticy inthere! I love my "blbl" (How Kimball says his name)

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