Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Progress Done

Today I have taken it easy and have worked on Christmas presents all day. It was nice to be able to sew in my free time. I had a lot because I skipped my chores today. I mean come on, who likes to do dishes?

I made two more patchwork dresses for my nieces in Post Falls, Idaho. They have been growing like weeds lately so I really hope that they will fit!
I used Moda Nature's Notebook

and Moda's Love U. I only had a charm pack of each and I needed to alter the dress to make them bigger, so I went and bought some fabric that matched it nicely. I think it looks good.

Now I have a few more Christmas presents to make, but it won't take me very long at all. I just have 4 quilts ready to quilt and 1 still to make, but I need to get more batting. We will see if I can get my UFO's done before the New Year.

Even though I didn't do much cleaning today I can get it done tonight. I took Travis to the airport so he could fly to North Carolina to help a very important client. They really need to make a good impression and so they sent Travis. One good thing is no matter what he won't be fired, but it would be really nice if he could impress this client. The poor boys were really sad to see Dad go, I am not sure if they completely understood, but I am still with them so they are fine. We will pick him up late tomorrow night at the airport. So I can have another nice long night of quilting tomorrow. Which means I need to get all my chores done quickly.

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Luv 2 Kreate said...

Your dresses are very cute...lucky girls :)

Sewing is better than chores any day! Unfortunately they have to be done at some point.

Poor boys, it is so difficult to be little and have either Mommy or Daddy go away...luckily your hubby won't be gone long. Maybe you and the boys could do something special this evening? I used to declare it backwards day when they were little and there dad had to be away. They always liked that. Their favorite part was breakfast for diner!