Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busy Bee

I have been really busy lately trying to get my UFO projects done before the New Year as well as getting Christmas presents made. I really do like having so many options to work from.

Here is my pile of 3 quilts that are ready for me to baste, quilt and bind.
Here is a quilt that I just finished quilting and now just need to hand sew the binding and wash and it will be done.

Here is another quilt that I have cut out, and is ready for me to sew the top together. It is part of my UFO, and it is really simple and will be easy to get together.

Here is my Christmas Presents I am working on, all cut out and waiting for me to put together. ( I won't go into more details on what they are)

And here is what I am currently sewing. A pattern that I made up, but I bet it is just like everyone elses. But I am tired of this fabric and am ready to be done with it.

And to end on a nice note, a giveway! The Green Fairy from Green Fairy Quilts is having a nice giveaway! I checked out her website and she has nice prices on moda fabric! I think I am in love!
Go check it out!

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