Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This year for Thanksgiving we went to Springville to have Thanksgiving dinner with Travis's Mom and Stepdad and his older brother Wayne and his wife Melissa.
We started out right away getting the boys occupied with toys so that the adults could make dinner. So the boys (Daddy too) made a fun marble tower and Grandpa with the help of Melissa was able to put on Thomas the Train for Kimball. Then off to the kitchen were we prepared the delicious dinner. Brandon helping Grandpa get the table ready to eat. Kimball taking time with Daddy, who is taking a break from helping.
Then after dinner it was time to some football.....Take a nap.....and then what else?? Look at the Black Friday ads!!! After naps I needed a picture of all of us in our turkey shirts!! Travis was a very good sport and wore a turkey shirt. Then after awhile we decided to play games. We got out the game Quelf. If you haven't played this game, it is definately a MUST for a group game!! I LOVE IT!!! Before the game, Travis's little sister Rose and her husband Derek came just in time to play. Here is Wayne in his "homemade halloween mask" that he had to make for the game. Then Travis and I playing. You can see our shirts a little better in this picture.

We had a wonderful day. I love spending Thanksgiving with family and friends. A perfect holiday is when you are with family, in my opinion.

Then this morning I got up at 3 am to do the black Friday shopping, and then 7 hours later I was home in time to have lunch and a nap.

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Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Such great pictures Crystal and you are even in one with your sweetie! I really like the pictures.