Tuesday, November 17, 2009

UFO's .....A New Year of Joy

I have accepted this challenge to get my unfinished projects done with my fellow blogging quilters. So my list consits of:

1. Brandon's quilt
2. Pink Quilt for my mother
3. Amanda Jean quilt Along quilt
4. Wonky Log Cabin quilt
5. Western string quilt
6. Jenni's quilt
7. Catie's quilt
8. Flannel quilt

Looking at this and it is making me sick! LOL I have a lot of quilts to do!! So I have one done, and 7 more to go!

Although I am having a set back with my sewing machine!! I need to get it fixed asap so I can get it all done. But I guess I can wait on the quilting them and work on getting the quilt tops done! :D

1 comment:

Amy and Cody said...

You should post pictures when you are all done!!! So ambitious!I love it!