Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Virtual Quilting Bee???

I like to start new things and I love to quilt and even though I am new to it, I love the modern quilts that I find online. So I have several blogs that I follow. One is starting a new virtual quilting bee. I am really excited for this and have a chance to learn how to make new blocks.

If anyone is interensted please go to the blog and sign up!!! And we can try to be on the same group. I am all new to this but am very very excited!!

***One good thing is that it is a year long thing!!! I don't have to do it all in a short amount of time. ****


Amy and Cody said...

Good idea!!! This is so fun, I love all the quilts you put on here and the ideas you share!

Alex and Katie said...

wait. When did you get a tramp?...trampoline, I mean.