Monday, October 20, 2008

Grandma Beazer's House

This past weekend we decided since we were out for fall break for school, the boys and I with Grandma Walker were going to go up to Rigby, Idaho and see Great Grandma Beazer. We had a fun 3 days full with crafts, worksheets, field trips and playing outside. We got to pick apples from the apple tree for the first time and the boy just loved it. They liked picking them and putting them in the box as well as climbing the tree to get some. The would climb a tree with help, find a apple, pick it and the yell for you to come get it. It was fun.

Can you find two little boys?

They loved playing out side.

Kimball began walking down at Grandma's. He would get braver and walk more and more. The only thing is he loves to crawl more than he can wlk now.

These are some of the cute crafts that we made. Brandon loved his jack o lanter that he took it around with him everywhere.

The all loved the train. Brandon and Nathan got to help Uncle Syd drive it a little bit. They also got to help walk the track to make sure that it was clear. They thought that they were so big!

This is them giving Uncle Syd hugs and kisses for letting them ride the train. Thanks to our Uncle Syd we can ride the train every time we go down to Idaho. Thank you Uncle Syd!!

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Mac said...

What a fun time! Kimball is getting so big now. Cute boys!