Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kimball's New Friend

For both Nathn and Brandon's class I get to volunteer once a week. This year since Kimball is much bigger, I am no longer able to take him with me. Luckily I am good friends with one of Nathan's classmates mom (Annie) and so we can swap babysitting when we need to go and volunteer. So once I week I get to watch her daughter Daphne for a few hours. Sheis only a few months older than Kimball and they both have become good friends. They are funny in that when they are in their own home they feel like they need to baby th eother one and then show them who is boss. It's cute to watch them bully each other then kiss each other. They are so cute to watch. Since both Annie and I have two children with autism it is nice to watch them interact socially with each other. We marvel at how normal they are. It is nice to see them play together.

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