Monday, October 20, 2008

Corn Maze

A few weeks back there was a sale on the tickets to the local corn maze. So we packed up the kids and went and had fun. The boys loved it. They had so many other activities besides the corn maze that we barely had time for the maze and did all of the other activities. Once we did get into the corn maze we decided that we no longer wanted to do it and turned around 15 minutes into it. But while in the maze we were able to see an elk that was taking a nap in there. The boys had a great time!

They had this awesome dome trampoline thing. I loved it as much as the kids did. It was fun to bounce with the boys in my arms.

Brandon and Nathan smiling in a large wooden train. They love trains.

They had these pedal race cars that you could pedal around. It looked fun but it was hard for them to pedal. And then you had to deal with all the other kids not moving as well.

They had this huge jungle gym thing with a net and slides. Kimball had a great time trying to climb it.

They had this dinosaur that you could walk through and see his stomach. Brandon was brave enough to go in with Dad but Nathan didn't want anything to do with it. Travis told me that he had to carry Brandon most of the way.

Cute roping stand. I think I was the only one to coil the rope when we left. Old habits die hard.

We took a hay ride. The boys loved it except for Kimball who wanted to crawl arond but couldn't.

In the maze we were able to find someone to take our picture. The boys had a good time. Brandon wanted to pick all of the corn.

They had these cute swings made out of tires into the shape of a horse. It looked really cool. I wonder if Grandpa Longan could make us some.

The boys loved this and would have played longer if we would have left them. They would pump water back and forth, but they had some ducks on them that they took turns pumping them back and forth.

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The Picketts said...

Wow Crystal! It looks like you guys had WAY too much fun! Don't you just LOVE the fall and all of the fun places you can take the kids! I can't believe how big your boys are getting! So cute!