Sunday, January 4, 2009

Travis's Award

A few weeks ago we went to Travis's work party. They sent all of the employees to Costco for breakfast and gave them all $200 gift card. We had fun there, we ate, saw Santa and Mrs. Clause and played a lot of games for the kids as well as Travis and I. We ended up taking my friend's daughter with us and she had a blast with us. (This girl is Lucy, the love of Nathan's life. He tells everyone that he is going to marry her after she marries Eli.)

After breakfast they gathered everyone around and passed out awards to a few individuals. Travis was lucky enough to be one. He received a glass mouse for top performer in his area. We were all proud of him. The boys were way excited for him as well and like to carry the mouse around with them. Although to keep peace during the holidays, we allowed them to take it with them to Grandpa Hendrix's house, unfortunately it was forgotten. So now Grandma Hendrix can now proudly display it for us.

Kimball did not enjoy sitting on this strangers lap. He held still for about 10 seconds and then decided that he was going to do anything he could to get off.

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