Saturday, January 3, 2009

Nathan's Christmas Program

This year at Nathan's Christmas Program he cried, and cried and cried. For some reason he thought he needed to sit by his mommy and grandma. At the beginning he was fine and was really excited to see me sitting there, but then as the program began he was very upset and cried for the rest of the program. I was able to get him singing while crying and a few shots of him before he started and then afterwards. He does know all of the songs and we did have a good time singing them at home. My poor little Nay-Nay. Needless to say that right after the singing part was over and he could then come and see me, he was quite happy and was very excited to show grandma and me to all of his teachers and friends. I just don't think he enjoys being in front of a large crowd. Last year he had a hard time as well and cried through it. Reguardless of that I think he was rather adorable! At least you could hear him!

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