Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brandon's Birthday

My baby is now 6 years old! I am so sad to see him grow up! We had just got home from Colorado the day before so we were all tired on his birthday. We went to McDonald's for lunch. One of Brandon's favorite places to go. He likes it for the toy and play on the equipment. Grandma and Grandpa Walker and Aunt Rose and Uncle Derek came to eat lunch with us and to play.

Later that night we went to Grandma and Grandpa Walkers house to eat pancakes and bacon and eggs. We got to open late Christmas presents and eat cake and ice cream too. Brandon and Nathan were very excited to get to open presents. We all had a fun time and Kimball has seemed to enjoy the presents the most.

Kimball fell asleep at McDonald's, he was pooped
Nathan loves his new sweater
Birthday Boy and Daddy

Aunt Melissa helping Nathan open presents
Kimball loved this new ball
Grandma and Grandpa watching all the excitement

Aunt Rosie and Kimball had a great time playing
Brandon's Iron Man cake. It was really good!
Brandon was so excited to open presents. Nathan liked it too!
Kimball was content just sitting with Uncle Wayne

Uncle Derek was excited about the presents too....maybe too excited

Uncle Wayne was trying new hats on
Kimball didn't like the hat too much

He liked Uncle Derek's hat more. And found his new favorite toy, a walking and talking robot

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