Friday, January 9, 2009

Schnakenburg Family Reunion

This Christmas we were able to have a Schnakenburg FamilyReunion. We all met in Colorado Springs at my Aunt Sandie's house. There ended up being about 60 people there and it was a blast. I was extremely worried about Brandon and Nathan with that many people and how they would act but they had a blast. Sandie had a nice big basement with a lot of new toys that Brandon and Nathan played with he whole time. There was lots of food and good company. While at the reunion we did have someone come in and take our picture. Man try getting 60 people together and smiling!! Very hard! But we were able to get a good one I thought. It was nice to be able to see people that I haven't seen in a long time.

Family is a wonderful thing and I know that even though some members may leave earlier than we would like; I will be able to see them again . Where they go is a good place for them to be, and that they will have work enough for them. So even though we may be sad that one leaves, if we live righteously we can see them again. Thanks to our Savior we can all be a family together again after this life.

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Bohn Family said...

I found your blog ~~~ CUTE BACK GROUND! Dang - I love it!!!

See you tomorrow at the capital?