Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decorating the Christmas tree

I am finally posting pictures from when we decorated the Christmas tree. I have to admit that I really didn't want to, just seems like a lot of extra work that I would rather spend else where.

 We decided to go with a little tree this year....which I was very grateful for!
 Kimball would run around and try to get into every picture and say "cheese"

 We turned it into a family home evening and started a fire in the pit! Very nice and cozy!
 Nathan was in charge and we talked about baby Jesus.
 Kimball really liked decorating but he was just so short.
 The older boys did a little, but kept getting side tracked.
 Tada! The Hendrix Family Christmas Tree 2010!
 I love this picture, Kimball covering Brandon's mouth to stop him from saying cheese and Nathan frowning for some unknown reason.
 He brightened up quickly though when I said I had m&m's.
 Brandon was a good sport the whole time (he is usually like that these days, I am VERY grateful for that)
 Kimball just had a lot of fun with it all.
 Another favorite of the kids! This is just how they are! I think Brandon is showing off his lego man.
 Then we had a little train at the bottom on the floor it didn't last long but maybe it will come out again on Christmas eve.
I thought that this was a very good picture of it. Kimball and the rest of the boys were very excited to play watch it.


Amy said...

Ditto, I love the last photo, so artistic. Kimball with that hat on is adorable.

affectioknit said...

I love your little tree - and the last picture of the boys would be so cute on a Christmas card...

Happy Advent!

led lights said...

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