Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Christmas gifts

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Monday I was able to finish up on a Christmas gift I had been working on.

 This is a jean bag that I have been working on for a gift exchange next week.
 I used left over jeans from the boys (5 pairs) they had whole in the knees so I put them in a pile to use to make a jean quilt one of these days.
 I used the back pockets from the back and used them as pockets for the front.
 I was able to leave a tab on one so that they could hook something on it if they want
For the inside I used a heavy cow print fabric. I added a few pockets for the inside.

I think whoever ends up with this will really like it :D Travis really likes it and wishes we could keep it. The bag is about 20"x20". So a nice big and strong bag !


affectioknit said...

I love that bag!

Amy said...

You are just too crafty for me. Love it.

Lopez Life said...

Looks like a great church bag for the kids stuff!