Sunday, December 12, 2010

Visiting Colorado

I wanted to share a few more pictures of my time in Colorado. I really enjoyed my trip, as did the boys. I think we will be able to make it back for another trip in December! (Before Christmas)

The first day we got there (I drove the previous night there so we reached Grandma Longan's around noon that day). My sister was watching our newest niece Payten (I ALWAYS mistake her name for Riley, but it is Payten).
 Nathan and Aunt Jenni
 Nathan just LOVED the baby and really liked feeding her
 My nephew Cade, he was SO shy at first but by the time we left, he had warmed up to me nicely.
 Nathan and Aunt Jenni
 Don't judge me, I drove for 9 hours!! And left at 3am!
 Brandon wasn't as excited as Kimball or Nathan, but he did hold Payten for a little bit.
 Kimball found Cade's train and he LOVED it and played with it the whole time we were there.
 Payten has the curliest hair! She is only 2 months old now and she has such thick and curly hair.
 My sister lives with my mom with her family, needless to say we had a FULL house.
Kimball had racing games with Cade (who had a big truck) across the floor. I think he really likes Grandma's new hard wood floors.
 While we were there, they ate TONS of Popsicle, I think we cleaned Grandma out.
 Nathan, Kimball, Cade, Cali, Brandon, Zoey
 Cali (niece), Brandon, Zoey (niece), Cade (nephew)

Both Cali and Zoey LOVED playing with Brandon, and were content to sit on either side of Brandon while he did his work book. 
 Since I have no girls of my own, whenever I get around my niece's I always get to do their hair....even if they like it or not!
 Cali was not too happy that I was doing her hair. I didn't hurt her, but I don't think she liked her mom taking her picture so much.

I just made it up on the fly, but I really liked it.
 In my spare time I crochet, and while I am at my Mom's is not exception. Jenni (my sister) happened to get some cute pictures of me when Brandon ran and jumped on me to give me some "loves".

 On Thanksgiving day, Nathan was so grouchy!! They don't sleep the greatest when we are not home and on top of it all he would wake up EXTRA early. So we had to capture him sleeping! He did take naps most days, it was nice!

 Kimball usually doesn't warm up to many people so I was so thrilled when he played with Grandpa Longan and snuggled with him!
 Grandpa was pretty happy himself...he doesn't get to see them very often.
You can now kinda see where all the blonde hair comes from. (My dad will be 64 yrs old in Jan. and he doesn't have a single grey hair!)

I can't wait for our next visit (and mostly because I get to use my sisters nice camera)


Sara said...

Looks like you had a Wonderful time:) It makes that drive totally worth it!!!

Lopez Life said...

Isn't my camera awesome? :) HAHA