Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love it when....

I come home and find piles of packages on my doorstep! (I didn't think to take a picture of it though)

In the last two days I have received 10 more packages of more i-spy squares! I love going through them and finding out what everyone sent!

*Warning: my pictures in no way show the beauty of these blocks.I am just not that good with a camera*

Group A:
I really like the horse print, it's the brown one and the corn!
I like the little tiny chicks in the green plaid...then of course the sheriff badges!
I really like the chocolate chips, cause come on! It's chocolate!! And then the little fuzzy guys are cute!
I like the scissors and the the orange and yellow block, I love the color combo.
I like the cowboy hats...okay so I am a western fan!
I think its cute that she found fabric that says Canada, since she if from's something I will always remember with that block.
Group B:
I like the buses and the cars. Then the whales are very adorable!
Yeah more cowboy hats! Some may not be excited but I am!! I also like the little fat owls!
I love the sock monkeys! So cute! Then more flip flops!! The ducks are pretty cute too
I love the butterflies and the faces. So cute!
Rhonda: (she is in both groups)
If you thought darn I don't get the Canada block, well you do! But this one is in black! 

If some are thinking that they want to be in more than one group so they can get more problem, when I host my next one (in the near future) I will be allowing people to join more than one group if they like, I know I am so nice!


martilindsey said...

Everything is so cute...I am so excited to get my squares. Since I have a boy, I am lacking in girl squares and I need to make a girly quilt. Yea~
Marti in San Diego

Amy said...

Me too! Me too! That hasn't happened to me in a while though, lucky girl :). & can we shoot for another time? Tomorrow got busy fast :S.

Bree said...

They all look so great! I've got my squares all cut, just need to wait until this weekend so I can get a picture before I ship them off.

Can you let me know which group I'm in?

Brandy@YDK said...

wooooohoooo so excited to get mine.

MaryJo said...

Crystal - here is a link to my squares - they will be in the mail very soon!

How do we know which group we're in?

Marsetblog said...

Very interesting and fun, thank you))