Thursday, April 21, 2011

Able to squeeze them in

On Monday my Mom was able to drop by for a quick visit on her way home to Colorado from Idaho. She had spent the weekend with a very good friend of hers in Twin Falls. The wonderful Mom that she is, drove a little out of her way to stop and visit us for a night.

She is always so interested in what I am making, and ALWAYS wants one too! So Monday night, we went to Jo-Anne's and got some fabric.
 I had made this bag for myself a few weeks ago and she fell in love with it. She liked how big it was and wanted another bag to carry around.
 I had a few pockets that I had added, no pattern, just used experience from other projects
So I began working on hers...It did carry on into Tuesday but she was able to go home with a new bag.
 I love the colors she ended up using! It is so pretty! And it fits her very well.
 With experience you do learn what works and what doesn't, so on this one I used interfacing and it made so much difference! She definitely has the better bag now.

She was quite shocked when I said I wanted a picture of her with it. Now she will be able to fit in all of her stuff (and much more!)
 I then showed her the fabric that I got to make my boys and Trav some Easter ties, she wanted me to make some for my Sister, so being the AWESOME sister that I am, I went ahead and made some.
 These are the Easter ties, aren't they cute?? I was able to tweak my own pattern that I made for the Adult tie.
Here is the close up of the pattern. The white dots have more of a yellow color to them in person.
 Then on Sunday I had made this crochet basket and eggs from the Lion Brand Website (just do a google search, it' free).
 She asked if she could have it, and I couldn't say no! So she took the basket and a few eggs.
I think they are super cute! It's also very easy to make so it's won't be hard at all to make me another basket and more eggs!

Thanks again Mom for stopping by! We all enjoyed your visit! It makes me feel good that I can do little things for my Mom now.


affectioknit said...

What an awesome visit with your Mom! I love the ties and the basket and the bag!

Dana said...

I'm glad you both had a fun visit! What a lucky mom to go home with so many treasures!

Lopez Life said...

You are an awesome sister! Thanks for the gifts!

Jan said...

You are such a giver! Awesome gifts too!!

Amy said...

Very cute! I'd love a copy of your tie pattern, maybe I can figure it out :). And looove the bag you made her, you are so crafty!!

quilthexle said...

How fun to use the same pattern for your mom - and she looks happy with it ;-)) Great job!