Monday, April 4, 2011

More I-Spy Squares and another I spy swap

I wanted to post more I-Spy Squares that I have received....

Group A:

My blocks....
I love the dinosaurs!! 
She was so kind to send flip flops and flamingos....maybe it will help warm up the weather here in Utah. I am also a big fan of the houses.

I love the little owls and the sewing ones...well I love them all but those were the ones that I ooed and awed over first
I love the robots ( I found the same fabric but for group B) I also love the kites
She was kind enough to send extra so that there wasn't any duplicates.

Group B:

I really like the giraffes, they are so cute
She was also so sweet to send more squares in case of duplicates. I really like the apples and marbles

My blocks:
I like the worms...I thought it was dinosaurs when I bought them, but was surprised to see the worms. 
I wanted to share another I-Spy Swap going on. Over at Sew in Peace is having one. She has a little bit different rules than I have, which is fine, but I wanted to let you know before hand. I think she is looking for about 10 more people. But you can sign up to do more if you like. So go check it out!


Amy said...

You are SO nice to share other people's blog links like you do, seriously Crystal, nicest person ever award for sure goes to you, every time :). Cute patterns!!

kimland said...

Yes, very kind! Would anyone from group A or B be interested in trading more? I have other squares that I would be willing to swap 1 for 1. Example I might have 5 you want and you will send me 5, I don't have all the same ones I sent but willing to send pictures of what I do have, hope this made sense. Contact me if interested.

Brandy@YDK said...

oooooh pretty stuff. i'm so excited! i like the worms too.

Manda said...

I saw that one earlier this week, but I don't prewash. I did one swap once that I had to prewash, and never again.

I mailed out my fabric yesterday.

Kristy said...

These are all so great! I'm getting more and more excited! :)