Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Sew In Results

I finally feel like I have made some process on my project!!! Last night (and most of Saturday) I spent working on finishing these little blocks....all 132 of them.
Aren't they pretty?? I love how colorful they are!! 
I made 11 of each block and then each wall quilt will have 12 different blocks in them
In the middle I will put each kid's name. I am having each child write their own name and then I will trace it on and then go over it with a permanent marker, unless is there a better method of writing on them? I am not sure but I don't have time to sew in the names. 
After I sew them all together I will put a small border of the puzzle piece fabric. It will be so cute! I can't wait! And hopefully I will have them all done by the 26th, which is the start of our teacher appreciation week for them. We also have a luncheon and a breakfast planned for them. Then the parents are going to send in thank you notes in. 

Now tonight I am going to work on tie making and Easter skirts.


Anonymous said...

what a busy lady you are Crystal that is a lot of blocks,well done they look great

martilindsey said...

Check out this technique from Crafty Gemini. She uses a computer printer and freezer paper to print directly on the fabric....and it's permanent. You could possibly do it directly on each square using any color you like.

By the way....these are just too sweet. Lucky teachers!

Marti in San Diego

Sandra said...

Your blocks are so bright and colorful. The teachers are sure to be blessed by your efforts:)

Brandy@YDK said...

they look great.