Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Little Sweat Shop

Last week was so crazy for me, coming home from a weekend in Idaho, finishing teacher appreciation quilts, i spy swap and then packing to come to Colorado, I just didn't have much time. So Wednesday I created a little sweat shop of workers!
I put Brandon and Nathan to work sorting my i spy swap! They did such an amazing job! 
They only sorted one group, and almost all of them. When I sorted group A it took me 5 hours!! So Brandon and Nathan helped me a ton by sorting most of them!
 Don't worry I'm not heartless, I did give them an awesome treat for helping me.
So last Thursday all of the packages have gone out. Everyone should have received them by now.

I do plan on doing another swap some time in May (towards the end). I have learned a little from this swap an plan to make a few minor changes. But mostly what I wanted to know if people were interested in a particular type of swap, ie dinosaurs, cats, food, animals, objects or whatnot. So what do you think??


Bree said...

Good thinking!

Personally I like not having a themed swap, it's fun to get such random stuff! Also, you're more likely to get duplicates if you stick with a certain theme. I noticed that even with this swap, I got at least 4 of one print (it was a good one at least!), and I imagine it would be worse with a themed swap. But that's just my two cents. :)

Kristy said...

Had a blast going through my squares! I like variety too, so not as much for the theme....might be harder for me to come up with the specifics from my stash.

Marie said...

Since I am a newbie -- I am still figuring out how to get the best swap fabric - so I like variety. I saw some of the rainbow swaps out there and those looked interesting.

THANK YOU & YOUR SWEET BOYS for getting such fun into our hands.

Brandy@YDK said...

that's awesome. thanks so much for hosting.

i'm looking forward to the next one - my sister is going to join up too.

martilindsey said...

I suggest "girl fabrics" and "Boy fabric" themed swaps. I know that since I have a boy, I tend to have boy fabrics and I'm always looking for girl fabrics. SO you could do a boy-boy a boy-girl and a girl-girl swap. It would work out, I'll bet!

Marti in San Diego

Mary Jo said...

Thanks for doing the swap Crystal....here is a link to my quilt! I love it!!