Friday, May 13, 2011

Have you ever played.......

 If you have never played this, you HAVE to! It is so fun and it will definitely make you laugh!
 Unfortunately it's not the best games for kids, so we had to keep shooing hem off.
 We played this games with Chris's sister and soon to be brother in law and both his and Jenni's friends, Tim and Sandy.
 Tim had to make a homemade mask and wear it until it his turn again
 Me and Jen, she didn't want to play hat night, she was having a upset tummy and then of course it was during the time Zayne wanted to eat.
 Later in the game Tim had to make a song with a musical instrument....I think....I had to go put kiddos to bed.
 Marc had to wear a tie or belt on his head like a ninja....Jenni had to help him put it on
 He was a ninja!!
I had to use toilet paper to become a mummy, I had to wear it until I drew a different card of that same kind!! I wore it a long time!

So if you ever get the chance to play it, PLAY it!! Its so much fun and just awesome!

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Kayla said...

LOL Looks Hilarious!!!!!!