Thursday, May 19, 2011

Helping Mom

While I was home (a few weeks ago now) I was able to help my Mom with some quilts.
 This is a quilt that she had started a while ago and just needed to be quilted
 I pinned it for her, got a basic quilting design ready, started and then let her finish!!
 I really wished I had my sewing machine with my darning foot. I like my quilting a lot, but alas next time.
 This was such a huge quilt that I found it hard to get a full picture of it.
 Then I help my Mom put this quilt together. It was a Cluck, Cluck, Sew pattern. But we didn't end up putting it together right, but oh well, I think it looks good! This is for my Grandpa's new wife, Sally.
We didn't get time to actually quilt it, and if my Mom hasn't finished quilting it by the time I come out again in July, I will quilt it for her. But it is all pinned and ready to go, I thought it looked really cute hanging in the window. I want to say the fabric is Sunkissed by Moda.


Amy said...

So many pieces! That is an adventurous quilt!

Sandra said...

Be sure to tell your mother she did a beautiful job on her quilts. I can relate to your post. My mother is also a quilter and sadly is beginning to struggle with finishing all quilts she still wants to make. It is a blessing to be able to have a hobby we can share together.