Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zayne's Baby Blessing

In our religion we do a baby blessing, where we give him his name and a blessing. Some other religions do a christianing or a baby baptism. So after the Baby Blessing we had a nice little BBQ. Family and Friends came to share our joy and happiness. Of course we took TONS of pictures. 
 Little Zayne
 Since we were all nice and dressed up before church, we decided to grab a few pictures.

 I had to bribe my boys with candy to get them to smile, Brandon wasn't happy to begin with, but cheered up.
 We then went outside to grab a few...
 Nathan was cold and upset....yeah lets just say Church was interesting.
 We then got some pictures with Jenni and her family....
 We have Chris, Zayne, Cade, Jenni, Zoey and then Calli
Don't they all look really nice?? I think they look very good! 
 After church we came home changed and started cooking. The kids all went out to play while the adults started to chat and get lunch on.
 This is my twin brother Jeff and his little daughter, Dalli.
 I took my little brother's daughter Payten. She is so cute! Although she wasn't so sure of me to begin with.
 I don't want a girl....yeah right!
 It ended up being a nice day so that the kids could play. It was cloudy but worked out.
 This is my Grandpa's new wife, Sally and Zayne.
It was nice to see the older kids take care of the little ones and watch over them. 
 Here is Jeff and his wife, Charrity and Dalli. This is Dallie's silly face..the cheese face!
 Their whole family, Morgan, Jeff, Dalli, Mason, Charrity and Wyatt.
Amber, Payten and Joe. Joe is my little brother. 
 My little sister, Catie and her boyfriend Greg.
 Then we all had the brilliant idea to get the kiddos together and take a picture of them all there...since its updated and we had everyone...
 Here are some of the "behind the scenes" of us mom's getting the kids ready.
 Now Charrity getting the kids together....
 Quick take the picture!!!
 No matter how many we take, not everyone is looking at you....and trust me we took a LOT!
Then here Brandon has finally had enough! That was the end now.....

We had tons of pictures that we took that day, and too bad I couldn't have shared them all!


Amy said...

So many photos! I am love love loving those ties you made - so fantastic! I love seeing everyone and how they've changed!

Kayla said...

I love the ties the boys have on! So cute!!! I love all the photo's!! Thanks for sharing! Bummed I couldnt be there! :(

Looks like everyone had enough fun for me though!

{eleise} said...

I love the matching tie pics! so adorable!!!