Sunday, May 8, 2011

Be-lated Easter

It seems as if my last 2 weeks of life have just zoomed by! I realized I never posted anything about Easter, so here it is. 

We had spent our Easter weekend in Rigby, Idaho at Travis's Grandma's house. We get together once a year (his sibling and Aunts and Uncles) usually in the spring, to help his Grandma with her yard work. (More on this later)
 The Easter Bunny had visited us at Aunt Ruth Ann's house that morning. The boys were super excited and happy.

Even though they were mostly half asleep, they soon woke up fully when they realized that there was candy in the baskets! 
 After we were all dressed and packed (we were leaving to go home later that morning) we headed back to Grandma Beazer's house to have an Easter egg hunt. Here all the kids are running into the back yard, ready to find their eggs!
 All the adults were more than happy to give a helping hand to the kiddos. Here is Aunt Rosie helping Nathan
 Nathan was pretending to be a dinosaur a little while looking for his eggs.
 Here is Daddy, Nathan and Uncle John finding eggs.
 My niece Brittney stuck next to Uncle Derek the whole weekend, so of course he was there to help her find her eggs.
 Here are Brandon and Nathan counting their eggs. They were all allowed to find 12 eggs each.
 Nathan with his 12...
 Brandon with his 12.....
Kimball with his 12......darn sun got in everyone's eyes! 
 After finding all of your eggs, of course you had to sit down and open them! Trade for different toys or candy.
 Mom's and Dad's were there to make sure that everything was "fair" and that no unintentional stealing took place (just because you want to trade, doesn't mean everyone else wants to trade)
 Then quickly,. we gathered all of the grandkids and took their picture
My now they were really tired of the pictures and just wanted to dig into their goodies!

I hope everyone had a safe and joyful Easter! Celebrating our Savior and what he did for us. Without his Atonement I know that it would be impossible for me to live with my Heavenly Father again, I am truly grateful for the Savior and feel blessed for His sacrifice!

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Kayla said...

So fun! I love Easter! And I love watching the kids run to find the eggs! :)