Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Winners!

First I want to thank EVERYONE for participating! I think that is the highest comments I have ever received!! You all make me feel so special! I hope that some of the new people like my's me!

We have ended up having 3 giveaway winners, since we reached 200 entries!! So just barely! 

Okay now on to the good stuff..... The winners are:
Crazy Grace

#1 Carol Bowen

Blogger Just One More Thing said...
I have a lot of dolls that would be delighted to win this awesome quilt--they can't type so I'll enter for them.
Stary Night

#2 Maribell

Anonymous Maribel said...
Hi! I can tell that only 2,5 weeks to go and then in southern Germany there are two weeks holidays! Greetings Maribel
Pebble Garden

#3  Kelly M

Blogger Kelly Massman said...Interesting? Did you know that there is an old wives' tale that if you see 3 butterflies together that it is good luck??
What a great giveaway!
thanks also for a chance to win!

Congratulations Ladies!! As you can tell the quilts are not done :(  As I was sewing them yesterday my sewing machine broke!! But never fear I will be borrowing a sewing machine tomorrow and I will have them done tomorrow ready to be shipped next week! But I did want to show what they looked like. Once they are done I will post about them again.

Thanks again everyone for entering!! Stay tuned for some more giveaways that will be happening - this summer!


Just One More Thing said...

ARE YOU SERIOUS???? I am so excited--my dolls are jumping up and down. Ok they're not, but they would if they could. I'll post a picture of them snuggling when I get it:)

Kelly Massman said...

So I get the third one! Yay, it's actually my favorite! I'm over the top excited! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Maribel said...

Me too! That´s so great! I´m jumping up and down here!
Thanks a lot!

Deanna said...

Congrats to the winners! That stary nights quilt is particularly nice.