Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Quilts

Remember me showing you all of the pretty little blocks that I had been making??? Well last week before I left to come to Colorado, I was able to finish all 21 mini quilts for the Giant Steps Autism Preschool Teacher Appreciation!
 Here they all are, I made a total of 11 big ones (I didn't measure them! :( I forgot...opps!) and a total of 10 little ones that were basically a 12" square with a 1" border around them.
I ended up folding them so that you couldn't see the front eliminating wrapping, but still a nice surprise when they unfolded them.
This is the front of the small quilts. I put each child's name of their class on the front. I really wanted to sew them in, but due to time restraints (and realizing how much work it would actually be) I decided to just use a marker.
This is the back of the quilts, I used this for all of the quilts. So that they could remember where and when.
Here is what the larger quilts looks like. I put each child's name in the middle, and there are 12 kids in each class so it worked out nicely.
Here they all are. The larger quilts were for the full time staff that are there everyday all day long (about 3 for each class, for a total of 3 different classes) and then the smaller quilts are for the part time teachers.

I wish I would have gotten better pictures, but it was late at night (finishing them up) and I just wanted to move on. I am really glad that I made them, but once again under estimated how long it would take. I think I need to learn better time management!


martilindsey said...

Wow...I am super impressed!!!

Sandra said...

What a thoughtful idea! Your little quilts are so cute. In the future, the teachers will be fighting to have your children in their classes:)

Brandy@YDK said...

great job! that's so much work.

kimland said...

Your amazing and very thoughtful. This was a lot of work on your part but, I guarantee they will be greatly appreciated.

badlandsquilts said...

The quilts are wonderful...and will be so cherished.

Amy said...

Seriously Crystal, you're such a go-getter, I am totally impressed!!

Riel Nason said...

They are beautiful. What great gifts you made. Your appreciation for the staff shines!!