Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Fun

This past weekend we were able to go to a Birthday party!!
 It was my neice Riley's Birthday. Her Mom made her this adorable tea pot cake!
 Riley is celebrating her 3rd Birthday
 Everyone gathered around her to sing happy birthday and give her some hugs
 To keep my kiddos occupied I brought the ipod, they took turns playing
 but there was some grass that the kids could run and play on.
 Brandon was having a "wild" day and had fun hanging on different people's legs.
 Here are the boys running to get Grandpa Walker, I thought it was really cute!
 Here is Wayne and Melissa, I thought their hats were so adorable!
 After eating cake and ice cream we gathered around to open presents. Riley was so cute opening them, she was almost more excited for the cloths rather than any toys.
 Hugging Aunt Rose and Uncle Derek
 Uncle Wayne and Melissa missed Carson's birthday so they brought his present along too, I thought it was so cute that both him and Riley held their cloths up to them....is this how "normal" kids react?
 Of course Carson had to give loves afterwards too!

 I had to grab this picture because she was so excited about this dress that she laid it out to look at it and to show it off!
 More hugs....we ended up getting her some pretty dress up things and then of course something messy....play makeup! Your welcome Jacque and John!
 Hugging Uncle Wayne
 Giving love to Aunt Melissa
 Then finding Grandma and Grandpa Walker to give them a thank you hug as well

 During the present opening, Nathan wasn't too excited about it, so went to a nearby stream and decided that all the rocks needed to come out so that the water could run through it.
 Here we are helping him put the rocks back so that when people came to mow the area they didn't have to run over the rocks. Nathan wasn't happy at all for needing to put the rocks back.
 Then next to the area we were at, there was Wheeler Farms. I guess a local FFA (Future Farmers of America or Future for America....some people don't like the Farmers part) take care of the farm animals. There was also a lot of old machinery and tractors.  Here is Grandma and Grandpa Walker
 This is Jacque and her sisters (sorry I can't remember their names!)
 Brandon petting a bunny
 Then Sierra
 There were sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, cows and horses
 Then the kids found some little ducklings that were dropped off there that morning.
 They all wanted to hold them and pet them...for the first part Kimball was chasing them, but then we had them stop and just look.
 Everyone standing around watching

 Then moving on to look at something else
 Nathan ended up needing his vest. It helps put pressure on him that calms him down. Don't ask what the technical words or meaning is, I just know that it helps him calm down and relax.
 I thought this was cute, Daddy and Bubble walking
 Then I guess Wayne was sitting on a rock waiting for us and Brandon went and sat on his lap, Wayne put his arms around him and wouldn't let him go....apparently Brandon didn't like it. I was able to grab a quick picture of it though.
 Nathan on an old wagon
 We migrated over to a pond that had lots of ducks and geese
 I was able to lean over and get pictures of everyone
 And from behind too!
 Then as the adults were still talking and relaxing, the kiddos were getting restless so I took them and we moved on. I was able to convince a few to sit still and let me take a picture of them.
 Then we found a tree house!
 They had fun running between the different levels and windows yelling and screaming.
 Then it was time to go home.
 Kimball fell asleep on the way home, but here is only pretending
Brandon waiting for Dad to come with the keys to unlock the van....
Then Nathan angry again for some reason. He didn't fall asleep on the way home, but did calm down.
It was a nice day (a break from all the rain and cloudy days) and a fun place to visit with family!


affectioknit said...

Fun! Love the cake!

Kayla said...

That looks like so much fun and her cake is adorable!