Thursday, June 7, 2012

Riding Bikes

My boys can ride their bikes!
Since I will be doing a 12 mile bike ride in August for the Triathamom, I needed to get my boys to learn how to ride bikes so that we can go on bike rides!

Well I have already kinda tried to teach Brandon once, but it didn't go to hot, and starting again with Nathan too I decided to use ol' Google and see what everyone else has to say. So I was pleased to fine this video...

So we took of their peddles and lowered the seats (which I think helped the most) and they went to town! Nathan after 5 minutes wanted his peddles back and once he had them on....he was riding all over the place! Brandon seeing this decided that he too can ride a bike since Nathan could!
 To celebrate we rode over to Harmon's to meet Dad and have an ice cream.
 Their ice cream was gone so we settled for some drinks and then went home again.
The boys are doing so good riding! Nathan likes it a little more than Brandon right now but I think it's because it's a little easier for him. Brandon took a couple pretty hard falls but got back up and started riding again! I am so proud of my boys!

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affectioknit said...

FUN! We love riding bikes!

~Have a lovely weekend!